Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scarf makes the difference!

Hello everybody!

I could not decide which scarf is the best fit with my gray hat so I made a picture of all of them and you can decide! I am wearing the same outfit on all the pictures, just the scarfs are different. On the third picture I put the sweatshirt off so you can see the detail of the T-shirt, but maybe there is too much of black in that combination?

So what do you think? Which one and why?

Have a lovely day!


I am wearing Levi's jeans, Shulong sneakers, Carling top, Pimkie hat, Converse bag and New Yorker earrings on all the pictures.
Than unknown brand of sweatshirt (it was a present I think from Thailand) and gray scarf (1st pic) form the shop at "Narodni trida", Prague(unfortunately I don't remember the name of the shop, it is close to the metro station), also unknown brand of scarf on the 2nd pic (bought on the Clemencau market) and on the 3rd pic it is Time-Out scarf.


  1. Black scarf wins! It´s the best choice. Grey doesn´t look bad but it´s too monotonous. Grey with light stripes looks better than the first one, it isn´t bad but not great. And the last one is the best one. :) It goes together with this outfit, black scarf, black stripe on your hat, black shoes. Wonderful. :)

    1. I must correct one detail. I meant black shoelaces on your shoes, not black shoes!

  2. HI!
    Thanks! I thought the the first one, but you are right it is kind of boring..