Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where to shop the best chocolate in Brugge

Hello chocolate lovers!

If you are addicted to chocolate as same as me and you are going to Brugge or Antwerpen you have to stop at this shop! It is just the best chocolate ever I think.

I have never seen such crazy combinations of tastes, but they are sooo good! I would never expect that ginger or bacon praline can taste good, but it does. The truth is, this shop is a bit pricey (the bag you can see below was for something about 13 EUR) but it is definitely worth it - each piece is awesome symphony of tastes, you can not eat them all at once and at the same time you can not wait to take the next one. No surprise that this shop is listed in the Michelin Guide.

The shop is called Chocolate Line and it was founded by Dominique Persoone who calls himself shock - o - latier (more info about the shop, factory and pralines here). There is always something seasonal and funny you can buy - like the chocolate poop ;) Dominique is also famous for his sniffing chocolate and chocolate shooter he created for Rolling Stones.

So If you are going to Brugge, hold yourself  back in front of all the shops with good looking chocolate and wait for this one - it is an ultimate chocolate experience!

You can find this shop in Antwerpen too, I just didn't manage to visit it, but if you check the pictures at the websites, it's supposed to be a beautiful fancy shop :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Black, grey, white, yellow, brown and red

Hello everybody!

Today just short post with my striped dress. I really like this cut, I think it really flattering. Even though I look a bit like a walking Belgian or German flag...It is because this was the last peace in my size and I just could not let this awesome dress leave in the shop. 

BTW for those girls with similar body shape - did you notice, how important is the belt, as it draws the attention to your waist? This would work great for all curvy girls with sand glass or pear body shape!

So enjoy and have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dark blue, yellow and flowers

Hello Girls!

One more picture from the summer! This time again summer dress in the (no dress code) office version ;)
 I like to use blazers over dress, it is so great to just take it off and go to the park wit friends without being too hot.

However I appreciated the blazer a lot in the office, as the temperature there was lower than outside. To avoid inappropriate and  in the office a bit vulgar impression (the neckline is quite deep) I wore also the light grey scarf.
But for the party or running outside in the hot weather this peace of clothes is OK, I think.

Hope you enjoy the post and you found it at least a bit inspirational :)

Have great day,


dress - Chache-Cache, blazer -Violet, shoes - Deichmann, bag - Vive Maria, scarf - no name from the market, necklace - Zeeman, bracelets - mix Wibra & vintage 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Summer! I miss you!

Hello girls!

If you do miss summer as much as I do, the following pictures might be a bit "drastic" for you. But don't worry there isn't any blood involved, just two dresses I liked to wear during the summer.

Both are from Primark, where  I bought them during my first visit there. And I was happy enough to hit the sales ;) I have to admit, that after my visit there I understand, why most of the girls who are aware of this brand always say: "Primark? I love Primark!". Yes indeed it is the way how to buy trendy clothes for super low price.

Currently I am trying to figure out how to wear them even now or later in the winter, when nude tights are not the solution. I am not sure whether the dress with big flowers is wearable during the calm months (the printing is more suitable for spring/summer, no?), but  I will try.
Do you have any idea, how it might look good? 

Wish you a nice day!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Light blue & dark purple

Hello everybody!

I bought this skirt on the garage sale for 1  EUR. I pick it because I like purple, hoverer for a long time  I could not figure out how to combine it.

Black was too dark. White too boring. Dark blue too sad. But this light blue shirt with small polka dots is finally good match, isn't it?
But it still seemed boring. So I added this colorful  belt, but now, I am not sure what is better.
So, what is your opinion?
Have a great evening!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Black and light blue


Here is another idea how to make summer dress wearable at work (if there is relaxed dress code) or wherever it is inappropriate to have your shoulders and back naked. Or when it is too cold to have your shoulders naked (..air conditioning..). First you can see my summer dress how I wore it for the city walk during the hot day.

And here how I wore the same dress to the office. And yes, it is the same shirt as in this post :)
Do you wear summer dress to the office too?
BTW it is Carling dress.



I was in the good mood and the pictures look so much better comparing to those when I am tired. I promise I will try to work on this!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ligtht grey and denim

Hello girls!

I have a dilemma - I still don't know, whether I should reveal you the prices I usually pay for my clothes or not. Because I am wandering, what can happen if I will tell you and here is what I came up with:

a) you might get jealous and stop to visit my blog
b) you might perceive it as way too cheap and my blog not worth to visit
c) it can make you think I don't appreciate the hard work of workers in the factories
d) you might get inspired

Anyway..I am a student, who loves to shop clothes, so this is my way how to make it less or more feasible.  And I am not willing to pay high prices for things I can by in the same quality for less. And I am proud on my bargains. So I bought this shirt for 3 EUR as an experiment - the shoulder area is interesting, isn't it? 


Let me know whether I should reveal you the prices or not and what it implies to you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Polka pink dot dress

Hello there!

I am  sick, so it  is gonna be short today. But fortunately I have some stocks of pictures for you :)
This dress was really cheap (5 EUR) so I decided to give it a try, even though pink is not my colour and I am not into ruffles at all (actually this is my first "ruffle" piece). I have to admit that it creates quite a nice effect in the chest area ;-) And I like polka dot pattern.
What was your last "not my cup of tea" purchase? Were you finally happy with it?


I know it is a bit transparent, hence the legginess :)

no name dress, vintage bracelets, Primark skinny belt...

... and Tigers of Sweden shoes :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Zebra top

Hello everybody! 


Today you can check what  I wear if I go out at the evening, but the occasion is not "fancy" so I don't want to be overdressed. Like going to grab some beers (in my case "krieks") with friends.

The top with zebra pattern (yes, again) is great as it has a kind of ribbon at the back part, so you can tie it not to be too loose at the belly area. That creates quite a nice effect with the skinny jeans, where the loose shoulder area ensures balance with the curvy hips (if that is your case) and thanks to the pattern it drives the attention up  ;)  
And this time with the heels for more feminine feeling.

What do you wear for such an occasion? Do you care of being overdressed?



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wallpaper blazer

Hello here!

Let me introduce you one of my favorite blazers! Now I am wondering which of my blazers is not my favorite as it is kind of my Anyway I found this one in the MANGO outlet store in Fashion arena in Prague and it was really nice deal, even though the size written on this one is L :-O . It was obviously wrong label.. Sure...  

Originally I didn't plan to shop that day, but my boyfriend's favorite car service is nearby and after we left the car there we were my boyfriend was forced to go to the outlet. I like that service too, whatever they repair as long as we need to go there from time to time.

This blazer was "love at first sight". From the close view the blazer remains the nice heavy old fashioned wallpapers.It has the shape and cut like English cavalry uniform (less or more) and eye catching buttons which, despite the fact it was bought in outlet, are still on the place.  

What was your last  "love at first sight"? Write me!

Have a nice day,


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zebra dress

Hello everybody!

I would like to show you this lovely dress with zebra printing. The printing on the dress is quite eye catching, so I didn't take much accessories. I really like this dress, so I have to figure out how to wear it even in the colder months.

Any idea? Do you think it will look good with the boots?

Looking forward to your comments!


Dress - H&M, belt - Primark, shoes - Deichman


Hello ladies!

This time  I decided to fight with the annoying autumn weather (and especially with the autumn depression) with the shirt with floral printing and a bit childish hair clip. And I added the cardigan not to freeze.

What are your favorite peaces to fight the grey  and drizzly autumn weather? Or if I will think  more positively - to celebrate the beautiful colors of autumn nature? 

Have a nice evening,



jeans - Levi's, shirt - Cache-cahce, cardigan - Original Marines, belt - vintage, bag - vintage, shoes - Zoe; bracelets - Wibra