Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where to shop the best chocolate in Brugge

Hello chocolate lovers!

If you are addicted to chocolate as same as me and you are going to Brugge or Antwerpen you have to stop at this shop! It is just the best chocolate ever I think.

I have never seen such crazy combinations of tastes, but they are sooo good! I would never expect that ginger or bacon praline can taste good, but it does. The truth is, this shop is a bit pricey (the bag you can see below was for something about 13 EUR) but it is definitely worth it - each piece is awesome symphony of tastes, you can not eat them all at once and at the same time you can not wait to take the next one. No surprise that this shop is listed in the Michelin Guide.

The shop is called Chocolate Line and it was founded by Dominique Persoone who calls himself shock - o - latier (more info about the shop, factory and pralines here). There is always something seasonal and funny you can buy - like the chocolate poop ;) Dominique is also famous for his sniffing chocolate and chocolate shooter he created for Rolling Stones.

So If you are going to Brugge, hold yourself  back in front of all the shops with good looking chocolate and wait for this one - it is an ultimate chocolate experience!

You can find this shop in Antwerpen too, I just didn't manage to visit it, but if you check the pictures at the websites, it's supposed to be a beautiful fancy shop :)


  1. Tohle jsou zakázané pohledy, to se snad ani nesmí veřejně publikovat.....

    1. :D ja si pri editaci fotek take malem naslintala do klavesnice :D