Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wallpaper blazer

Hello here!

Let me introduce you one of my favorite blazers! Now I am wondering which of my blazers is not my favorite as it is kind of my Anyway I found this one in the MANGO outlet store in Fashion arena in Prague and it was really nice deal, even though the size written on this one is L :-O . It was obviously wrong label.. Sure...  

Originally I didn't plan to shop that day, but my boyfriend's favorite car service is nearby and after we left the car there we were my boyfriend was forced to go to the outlet. I like that service too, whatever they repair as long as we need to go there from time to time.

This blazer was "love at first sight". From the close view the blazer remains the nice heavy old fashioned wallpapers.It has the shape and cut like English cavalry uniform (less or more) and eye catching buttons which, despite the fact it was bought in outlet, are still on the place.  

What was your last  "love at first sight"? Write me!

Have a nice day,