Friday, September 28, 2012

Small change, big impact?


Sometimes I am really surprised how few pieces of accessories can make quite boring outfit much more interesting. 

This is what I like to wear for grocery shopping/picking up box on post/going to laundry/handing out some documents at uni/ or anything else where you want to feel comfortable, not overdressed but still good looking. Few peaces of clothes I can just throw on and go. It is just kind of boring, no?

Doesn't it look much better with tucked top, bold belt and matching scarf? As you might notice, I love scarfs as they help to pull the outfit together. Or spice it up. And what is your trick? the same? Bag which "makes the statement"? Massive necklace? Hair accessories? I would welcome some pictures!

I am wearing Time out jeans, no name top, Cache-cache shirt, quite old Kenvelo belt (I have it since I was about 12), Converse shoes, no name bag (present), Daichman scarf and necklace bought in Veritas .

Jeans and heals

Hi people!

Not so long ago I thought that wearing shirt or T shirt tucked in trousers is awful and should be banned as same as socks in sandals (which I still think are awful despite the trend). 
But recently I found out that shirts/tops/T-shirts tucked in the trousers or even skirts (Really?? I thought it is also awful?) can actually look way better than untucked! And I have to admit I also like the messy half tucked-half not style, definitely have to try it!

Tell me - was that just my opinion, or you had the same? Something else you thought is awful and now you like it? Like olives for example :-)

Have a nice Friday!

top - Vue Sur Mer, cardigan - C&A, jeans - Levi's, shoes - Texto, belt - motivi

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Make your sweater look like new


Do you have sometimes the similar problem? You have jumper you really like, but can not wear it anymore because of lint balls which make it look old and ugly? Or you buy a new cotton dress, but because your handbag is always touching the clothes it is “destroyed” after one day of wearing?

You can give it a try and buy yourself a lint remover. I tried that and you can check the difference. I don't claim it is miracle, but I was very happy with the results – it definitely looks better. And it is not so expensive, I paid for mine about 3 EUR (in Lidl in CR) and it works perfectly (but you should not use it longer than 2 minutes..)

Hope it helps!



Left before, right after

That is IT!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Black and mint


 I really like the "mint" colour, so when I saw this skirt for 5 EUR I had to have it. In case you are interested - it is from Vero Moda located near metro stop Port de Namur, Brussels - and it is cheaper than the e-shop!

Have you discovered any deal like that recently ? I want to know!

Enjoy your day!


T-shirt - unknown, skirt - Vero Moda, leggins - unknown, ballerinas - bought at the Clemencau market, earrings and some bracelets - Wibra


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grey hat again!


Gray hat on the scene again! This time in combination with loose gray cardigan, one of the best thing I bought during last months. It is comfy, warm, useful and looks good with almost everything. I don't know, how I could live without it till now ;-)

What is your last favorite "find" you can not live without any more? Why? 

Have a nice day,


I am wearing: jeans - Levi's, cardigan - Vue Sur Mer, top (unknown), hat - Pimkie, belt - Primark, shoes - Converse, bag - Red Pepper  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where to shop in Brussels...bread and pastry

Good afternoon everybody!

This time I would like to introduce you my favorite Brussels bakery - J. JANSSENS. It is small family  bakery with long tradition (about 60 years) and the best cakes I ever had (maybe except my grandma's cakes) for more than reasonable price (see the picture) in comparison to other bakeries.

Also the bread is great, it tastes like the bread should, doesn't matter whether plain white, dark or sweet, everything is just great.

And one important technical note - they don't try to sell you old bread or pastry. Everything what is old (1 day old) is in discount with clear and understandable tag and always, when I wanted to buy something "older" (e.g. last piece of my favorite cake) I have been told: "But it is from yesterday!" To comparison with bread at Vatel I have just bad experience - twice cold inside like it was in the fridge and once  totally dry and even hard sweet bread - too old (however the small "birthday cake" was very good).

J. JANSSENS address: Rue Jonniaux 3, Etterbeek 
 opening days - Wednesday till Sunday
opening hours - I am not 100% sure will try to update
but for sure it is opened on Sunday from 10am till 14 pm.
But it is almost impossible to get any bread after 12 on Sunday.

Below you can see pics of amazing marzipan cake with almonds and apple puree. MNAM!

And what about you? Do you also have some favorite bakery? Share!

Have a nice evening,


White and Blue

Hello girls!

I would like to show you what I like to wear with skinny jeans, even thought it doesn't look so great at the picture. This loose T-shirt is great because it:

1) is comfortable
2) is airy
3) drives the attention away from my hips 

Therefore I think it is the great match for girls with curvy body type who still wants to wear skinny jeans and feel good, however it looks good even on skinny girls ;-) 

Enjoy he day!

Jeans - Levi's, T-shirt - folia, bag - Time-Out, sneakers - Shulong,  pendant - Veritas

Monday, September 17, 2012

Denim dress

Hello girls!

I would like to show you my little trick how I make some of my clothes wearable even at work. It is one of my "casual Friday" outfits.

Unfortunately this wouldn't work for those of you working in the companies with strict dress code.

Even though I don't have dress code at my current work (internship) I feel inappropriate walking around office with the naked shoulders and back.
For that reason I was happy when I found this "half-shirt" during one of my visits at my favourite outlet shop. I can not tell the brand of this useful piece of cloth as the brand name was cut of :-(

So what about you? Do you use some similar "trick" to be able to wear you favourite pieces more often?

Have a nice week,


I have forgotten to take the badge off at most of the pictures and I was not able to shoot another pics, so please accept my apologies ;-)

dress - Tiffany Production, "half-shirt" - unknown brand, shoes - Texto