Monday, September 17, 2012

Denim dress

Hello girls!

I would like to show you my little trick how I make some of my clothes wearable even at work. It is one of my "casual Friday" outfits.

Unfortunately this wouldn't work for those of you working in the companies with strict dress code.

Even though I don't have dress code at my current work (internship) I feel inappropriate walking around office with the naked shoulders and back.
For that reason I was happy when I found this "half-shirt" during one of my visits at my favourite outlet shop. I can not tell the brand of this useful piece of cloth as the brand name was cut of :-(

So what about you? Do you use some similar "trick" to be able to wear you favourite pieces more often?

Have a nice week,


I have forgotten to take the badge off at most of the pictures and I was not able to shoot another pics, so please accept my apologies ;-)

dress - Tiffany Production, "half-shirt" - unknown brand, shoes - Texto


  1. wow it has pizzazz! btw you have super figure and beautifully thin legs!

  2. You have interesting pages. :) your outfites are brilliant. :)

  3. Thank you both! I hope it can inspire you a bit and help me to come up with more and more combinations.
    BTW - hopefully I know which parts to show and which are better to be hidden ;-)

  4. Nevím, co řešíš. Otoč se z které strany chceš, pořád vypadáš skvěle. Nevím, co řešíš.

  5. You know which parts to show... You´re kidding, aren´t you? It´s a little bit unfair from you to us. So stop babble, you´re nothing but skin and bones. You chatterbox. ;-)