Thursday, September 27, 2012

Make your sweater look like new


Do you have sometimes the similar problem? You have jumper you really like, but can not wear it anymore because of lint balls which make it look old and ugly? Or you buy a new cotton dress, but because your handbag is always touching the clothes it is “destroyed” after one day of wearing?

You can give it a try and buy yourself a lint remover. I tried that and you can check the difference. I don't claim it is miracle, but I was very happy with the results – it definitely looks better. And it is not so expensive, I paid for mine about 3 EUR (in Lidl in CR) and it works perfectly (but you should not use it longer than 2 minutes..)

Hope it helps!



Left before, right after

That is IT!


  1. Praktické, kde se to dá pořídit?

    1. U nás jsem na to zatím nikde nenarazila, ani v tom lidlu..

  2. Ahoj,
    V Lidlu to maji jen obcas, ale da se to sehnat treba i v Datartu nebo Electro World, cca za 150 - 250 Kc, vetsinou v sekci se sicimi stroji. V Lidlu je to akorat levnejsi.
    Nebo Mall:
    Snad to pomuze :)