Friday, September 28, 2012

Jeans and heals

Hi people!

Not so long ago I thought that wearing shirt or T shirt tucked in trousers is awful and should be banned as same as socks in sandals (which I still think are awful despite the trend). 
But recently I found out that shirts/tops/T-shirts tucked in the trousers or even skirts (Really?? I thought it is also awful?) can actually look way better than untucked! And I have to admit I also like the messy half tucked-half not style, definitely have to try it!

Tell me - was that just my opinion, or you had the same? Something else you thought is awful and now you like it? Like olives for example :-)

Have a nice Friday!

top - Vue Sur Mer, cardigan - C&A, jeans - Levi's, shoes - Texto, belt - motivi


  1. Howdy! This outfit´s really great! It looks great on you, good choice. And you have lovely ring! Could you take a picture of this necklace? :)

  2. Hello!
    thanks! the ring is a gift from my boyfriends mother. I will post the detailed picture with the necklace with the next outfit, where I will use it, OK?