Friday, September 28, 2012

Small change, big impact?


Sometimes I am really surprised how few pieces of accessories can make quite boring outfit much more interesting. 

This is what I like to wear for grocery shopping/picking up box on post/going to laundry/handing out some documents at uni/ or anything else where you want to feel comfortable, not overdressed but still good looking. Few peaces of clothes I can just throw on and go. It is just kind of boring, no?

Doesn't it look much better with tucked top, bold belt and matching scarf? As you might notice, I love scarfs as they help to pull the outfit together. Or spice it up. And what is your trick? the same? Bag which "makes the statement"? Massive necklace? Hair accessories? I would welcome some pictures!

I am wearing Time out jeans, no name top, Cache-cache shirt, quite old Kenvelo belt (I have it since I was about 12), Converse shoes, no name bag (present), Daichman scarf and necklace bought in Veritas .


  1. Hi Kristina! He wears a shirt or T-shirt tucked in pants returns and look very good :-). Zuzana

  2. That is true this trend is back :)