Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where to shop in Brussels...bread and pastry

Good afternoon everybody!

This time I would like to introduce you my favorite Brussels bakery - J. JANSSENS. It is small family  bakery with long tradition (about 60 years) and the best cakes I ever had (maybe except my grandma's cakes) for more than reasonable price (see the picture) in comparison to other bakeries.

Also the bread is great, it tastes like the bread should, doesn't matter whether plain white, dark or sweet, everything is just great.

And one important technical note - they don't try to sell you old bread or pastry. Everything what is old (1 day old) is in discount with clear and understandable tag and always, when I wanted to buy something "older" (e.g. last piece of my favorite cake) I have been told: "But it is from yesterday!" To comparison with bread at Vatel I have just bad experience - twice cold inside like it was in the fridge and once  totally dry and even hard sweet bread - too old (however the small "birthday cake" was very good).

J. JANSSENS address: Rue Jonniaux 3, Etterbeek 
 opening days - Wednesday till Sunday
opening hours - I am not 100% sure will try to update
but for sure it is opened on Sunday from 10am till 14 pm.
But it is almost impossible to get any bread after 12 on Sunday.

Below you can see pics of amazing marzipan cake with almonds and apple puree. MNAM!

And what about you? Do you also have some favorite bakery? Share!

Have a nice evening,



  1. ten koláč bych si dala klidně celej vypadá skvěle a líp asi chutná že jo. =D

  2. Chutna bajecne.. tak, ze jsem ani nestihla udelat foku nenacateho, uz takhle jsem mela co delat. A to jsme jen dva :D

  3. Tohle by se mělo zakázat! :-D. Kazíš mi osobní souboj:-D

    1. kdyz si sem pro to dojdes, nebo dojedes na kole, tak to budes mit vyhrane i s celym kolacem :D