Monday, October 8, 2012

Zebra top

Hello everybody! 


Today you can check what  I wear if I go out at the evening, but the occasion is not "fancy" so I don't want to be overdressed. Like going to grab some beers (in my case "krieks") with friends.

The top with zebra pattern (yes, again) is great as it has a kind of ribbon at the back part, so you can tie it not to be too loose at the belly area. That creates quite a nice effect with the skinny jeans, where the loose shoulder area ensures balance with the curvy hips (if that is your case) and thanks to the pattern it drives the attention up  ;)  
And this time with the heels for more feminine feeling.

What do you wear for such an occasion? Do you care of being overdressed?




  1. Jednoduché,ale pěkné! ;)

    1. diky :) obcas mi to prijde lepsi, moc nekombinovat..Ale mozna by to neco chtelo..vesticku? tu nemam, ale treba casem... Nejaky jiny napad?