Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dark blue, yellow and flowers

Hello Girls!

One more picture from the summer! This time again summer dress in the (no dress code) office version ;)
 I like to use blazers over dress, it is so great to just take it off and go to the park wit friends without being too hot.

However I appreciated the blazer a lot in the office, as the temperature there was lower than outside. To avoid inappropriate and  in the office a bit vulgar impression (the neckline is quite deep) I wore also the light grey scarf.
But for the party or running outside in the hot weather this peace of clothes is OK, I think.

Hope you enjoy the post and you found it at least a bit inspirational :)

Have great day,


dress - Chache-Cache, blazer -Violet, shoes - Deichmann, bag - Vive Maria, scarf - no name from the market, necklace - Zeeman, bracelets - mix Wibra & vintage 


  1. Tohle je bomba, ty modely jsou čím dál tím lepší a tohle je úžasný! :))

    1. Diiiik :) tohle sacko se povedlo, mam s nim dalsi asi 3 modely...

  2. Super outfit!! and the pictures!!! Like your combination :)