Friday, October 12, 2012

Ligtht grey and denim

Hello girls!

I have a dilemma - I still don't know, whether I should reveal you the prices I usually pay for my clothes or not. Because I am wandering, what can happen if I will tell you and here is what I came up with:

a) you might get jealous and stop to visit my blog
b) you might perceive it as way too cheap and my blog not worth to visit
c) it can make you think I don't appreciate the hard work of workers in the factories
d) you might get inspired

Anyway..I am a student, who loves to shop clothes, so this is my way how to make it less or more feasible.  And I am not willing to pay high prices for things I can by in the same quality for less. And I am proud on my bargains. So I bought this shirt for 3 EUR as an experiment - the shoulder area is interesting, isn't it? 


Let me know whether I should reveal you the prices or not and what it implies to you!


  1. Wow, iteresting model... :))

  2. Ták tohle je boží!!!;) Každého hned musí zaujmout ta smyslnost toho modelu....:))

    1. Diky! Ale smyslnost? vzdyt je to zapnute az do posledniho knoflicku :) bylo to myslene jako "office outfit", tak jsem ted trochu zmatena :))