Friday, November 23, 2012

Denim, blue and brown

Hello ladies!

Today is Friday! Yay! So lets check some casual (relaxed) office suitable clothes :) This was one of the blazers which started my blazer obsession. And it was also the love at the first sight (happened with shoes, but never with a person :D ).  It is not a bright color combination, but regarding the time of the year I think it is OK. I have to admit it is also one brand combination, which I am usually trying to avoid, but this combination works together so well.
 Hope you like it!

Have a great afternoon!

jeans, top, blazer - Time Out, bag - TFY, necklace - DIY, earrings - no name, bought in Bulgaria on the market


  1. Tohle je hodně pěkný. :) Sluší, moc. :)

  2. Haj! Nice job! I like your blog :)

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  3. Zase sluší, to snad ani jinak nejde :-))))