Friday, November 16, 2012

White, dark blue, denim & the red double-decker

Hi people!

I think that after several posts with the dresses there is a time for some more casual jeans today. I bought this awesome T-shirt with the London  house, red double-decker and phone booth in one Moroccan shop on the Chaussée d'Ixelles (I will provide you with the exact address in some of the future posts). It was for 3 EUR I think.

It looks good by itself, but I wanted something warmer and this dark blue blazer was an ideal option as you can see the back of the T-shirt too. I also like the combination of the elegant blazer and relaxed jeans. 
And what do you think? Is the bottom part too relaxed, or is it OK?

Have a great day!


T-shirt - no name, blazer - Violet, jeans - Time Out, sneakers - Shulong, scarf - Deichmann, bag - TFY


  1. Very good shopping as always;) I would love to see T-shirt itself from a bit closer ;)

  2. :D Thanks! I will try to remember and when I will create another combination I will make more detailed picture ;)